The Best and Worst Films of 2002

Truly beloved films lie here. Films about real touching issues and problems we don't usually talk about and mostly what to think that they don't exist. Things like racism, prejudice, poverty, injustice and criminality. Other films are a bit more lighthearted and managed to light our hearts on fire with the magic of fantasy and the "suspense" of a man falling in love or becoming an adult. This and more is what you can find in the year of 2002.

the best films of 2002

  1. City of God by Fernando Meiralles trailer

  2. Sweet Sixteen by Ken Loach trailer

  3. Minority Report by Steven Spielberg trailer

  4. 25th Hour by Spike Lee trailer

  5. Irreversible by Gaspar Noé trailer

  6. About Schmidt by Alexander Payne trailer

  7. About a Boy by Chris & Paul Weitz trailer

  8. Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore trailer

  9. Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers by Peter Jackson trailer

  10. Gangs of New York by Martin Scorsese trailer

honorable mentions in alphabetical order:

  • Blade II by Guillermo Del Toro trailer

  • Bloody Sunday by Paul Greengrass trailer

  • Catch Me if You Can by Steven Spielberg trailer

  • Insomnia by Christopher Nolan trailer

  • One Hour Photo by Mark Romanek

  • Punch Drunk Love by Paul Thomas Anderson trailer

  • Road to Perdition by Sam Mendes trailer

  • The Bourne Identity by Doug Liman trailer

  • The Pianist by Roman Polanski trailer

  • The Ring by Gore Verbinski trailer

the worst films of 2002

  1. The Master of Disguise by Penny Andelin Blake

  2. The Adventures of Pluto Nash by Ron Underwood

  3. The Hot Chick by Tom Brady

  4. Crossroads by Tamra Davis

  5. The Sweetest Thing by Roger Kumble

  6. Eight Crazy Nights by Seth Kearsley

  7. Mr. Deeds by Steven Brill

  8. Pinocchio by Roberto Benigni

  9. Enough by Michael Apted

  10. Collateral Damage by Andrew Davis