The Best Heist Films

Heist films have never managed to be one the best genres in cinema. They have though a number of superb films that define its genre and cinema. Many directors through the heist genre have pulled off to make a name for themselves and glorify the act of robbing a person blind. Here are some of the best Heist films ever made.

the best heist films

  1. Heat (1995) by Michael Mann trailer

  2. Ronin (1999) by John Frankenheimer trailer

  3. Inception (2010) by Christopher Nolan trailer review

  4. Out of Sight (1997) Steven Soderbergh trailer

  5. Reservoir Dogs (1991) by Quentin Tarantino trailer

  6. Ocean's Eleven (2001) Steven Soderbergh trailer

  7. Dog Day Afternoon (1975) by Sidney Lumet trailer

  8. A Fish Called Wanda (1987) by Charles Crichton trailer

  9. Inside Man (2006) by Spike Lee trailer

  10. Sexy Beast (2002) by Jonathan Glazer trailer

honorable mentions in alphabetical order: