The Best and Worst Moments of "The Dark Knight" Trilogy

With "The Dark Knight Rises" being released on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 4th. I thought it was no better time, than to look back on the Bat trilogy and name out some of the best and some of the worst moments of the Christopher Nolan trilogy. 



If you haven't seen any of the films don't bother reading further. 


The Best Moments of "The Dark Knight" Trilogy:

  • Joker Interrogation (The Dark Knight)

  • Alfred Leaves (The Dark Knight Rises)

  • Bane Vs. Batman (The Dark Knight Rises)

  • Joker Crashes Party (The Dark Knight)

  • The Ending (The Dark Knight)

  • Car Chase Scene (The Dark Knight)

  • Batman Lives On (The Dark Knight Rises)

  • Ra's Al Ghul Reborn (Batman Begins)


The Worst Moments of "The Dark Knight" Trilogy:

  • Water Maintenance Guy - Forced Exposition (Batman Begins)

If the train reaches the main water supply station, all the water pipes will blow. All due to the microwave water emitter and then poisoning all of Gotham. That's Ra's Al Ghul's plot of destruction.

"We" the audience couldn't have understood this, without some of the worst expository dialogue ever given by a old man in the main water supply station.

Couldn't one minute more had been given to Ra's to explain all this. Did we really need to feel the tension of Gotham being destroyed, by a unknown character that is explaining all this to another coworker, but in reality he's explaining this to the audience.

This is a small gripe and a minor bother the first time you see it. But with every viewing it gets even more annoying, distracting and ticks me off every time.

  • Miranda Tate & Bruce Wayne Sex Scene (The Dark Knight Rises)

One thing we hadn't had in the Trilogy was sex and that was a good thing. So why did it happen in the last film?

Miranda didn't need to get emotionally close to Bruce, as she already proved her worth with her money, philanthropy and character on the board of Wayne Enterprise.

Was it for him, not to ever believe she could be in on Bane's plot? If so, that is dull.  Were talking about the world's greatest detective.

Also lets not forget, the sex leads nowhere in the plot. There was never any romance between them, mention of the event later on and no real consequence. POINTLESS!

  • The Class-Warfare in Gotham & Deputy Commissioner Foley (The Dark Knight Rises)

Why was the rebellion only from the police and not also by some of the supposed 8 million Gotham citizens? 

Why was Deputy Commissioner Foley apart of the story?

What was the point of his character and how come he couldn't have been a background player like the Mayor of Gotham? A waste!

  • Blake knowing who Batman was? (The Dark Knight Rises)

So Blake knew who Batman was. Not through investigation or catching him in the act. But by a look on Bruce's face and nonetheless when he was a child. And all before had the cop skills and training to come into play. Convenient to say the least. 

  • Coincidences are a everyday thing in Hollywood films.. (The Dark Knight Rises)

The wonderful coincidence that the Selena Kyle deal, was close above the secret hide out of Bane. That the same deal was done with associates of Bane and the hideout of Bane happened to be also under applied sciences of Wayne Enterprises. Also that the Commissioner Gordon's Dent speech was found by Bane during all of this and the Police never thought of looking in that sewer area ever again. Was just a bit too much of a coincidence the whole sequence..

  • Batman sudden return to Gotham and recovery (The Dark Knight Rises)

Lets take this into account. He had a knee injury, then Bane's back injury and then magically after 3 months heals himself and in the nick of time fly's on back to Gotham to save the day. Maybe if all these events weren't shrinked down and condensed, due to the nuclear bomb plot device. It wouldn't have been a issue.