The Best Romance Films

We all are a fool for love, even more on the big screen. Many of the great love stories have been about the connection of two people, the sacrifice of love and the absence of it. Others about the quirkiness and unfair nature that comes with it. The great romances of the past, are all but forgotten to the cheap rom-coms of today. Here is a list with some of the greats, some my favorites and some of the best love stories you will ever see.

the best romance films

  1. Casablanca (1942) by Michael Curtiz trailer

  2. Vertigo (1958) by Alfred Hitchcock trailer

  3. City Lights (1931) by Charlie Chaplin trailer

  4. Before Sunset (2004) by Richard Linklater trailer

  5. Gone With the Wind (1939) by Victor Fleming trailer

  6. Annie Hall (1977) by Woody Allen trailer

  7. The Graduate (1967) by Mike Nichols trailer

  8. Manhattan (1979) by Woody Allen trailer

  9. Jerry Maguire (1996) by Cameron Crowe trailer

  10. Before Sunrise (1995) by Richard Linklater trailer

honorable mentions in alphabetical order: