Is Robert Downey Jr. as "Iron Man" replaceable?

Robert Downey Jr. just recently signed on for two more Marvel films. We all presume that they are going to be "Avengers" 2 and 3 and not any more "Iron Man" films. Still during this time we've been hearing a lot of rumors and speculation of what would have happened if he was indeed replaced or him choosing to leave the series. As well as the huge fan out cry of not living another day without Downey Jr. in role of Tony Stark. Which leads me to the question. Was the fan reaction a little bit overboard and could Downey be replaced?

I completely understand that Downey Jr. managed to give the best possible performance as "Iron Man" and bring out all the right qualities of the character from the comics and have the winning personality to win over audiences. I get that as I personally loved him in the role as much as any other person and thought he was the perfect choice for the time. However at some point he's going to quit and we have to move on and live with another man being in the role of "Iron Man".

Which brings me to the fan reaction of taking this matter so seriously. Opinion such as "If Downey Jr. leaves then there is no Iron Man", "Without Downey Jr. I won't go see the next film" and "No one could play Iron Man as good as him". To whomever says all that, your downright wrong. Because when the next guy comes around, whomever that may be. You will still go to see the film and possibly be surprised by his take on the character. Because things like this have happened before. Did suddenly everybody forget of how the "Superman" series had three different actors and also how the "Batman" films had four different actors in the role as well. I don't remember those films failing miserably at the box office over casting decisions.

Also yes Downey Jr. was almost a life incarnate embodiment of Tony Stark. He is practically Tony Stark in real life, but that's not to say there aren't any other good actors out there to play the role. How many even thought of Downey Jr. for the role before he was initially cast in the first place? What I'm trying to say we need to grow up. The man is over 50 years old and super rich. Does he really want to play the same role for the rest of his life. Has everybody forgotten also that this guy is actually a serious and capable actor that likes artistic and indie productions to participate in. Just take a look at at his filmography.

Also how many Bonds have we had? Plenty. All displaying different attributes and personalities. The same might happen also for "Iron Man". Do I have the ultimate answer who should be the next "Iron Man"? Of course not. The only person I can think of and that is not based on facial resemblance alone, but instead on resemblance of the character and personality itself is Jamie Foxx. A left field choice and a color blind casting. But who else is as ballsy, in your face, Prima Donna, funny, talented, good looking and as delightful as Downey Jr. 

However if I had to really look into who could undoubtedly play Tony Stark. What about "Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus who can sport the goatee and would be a dirt cheap option for Marvel. How about the cool, the suave and irresistible Colin Farrell or what of Bradley Cooper? He's been pretty hot lately and has demonstrated ferocious acting skills as of late. My overall point being that their are choices out there and they are also unknowns that could do the job. Everybody was frighted with who would be picked for "Thor" until, they saw the freaking hansom looking Norse god Chris Hemsworth and shut the hell up.

To conclude, the whole fanboy argument and torment over Downey being replaced is moronic, childish and unrealistic. Downey Jr. is asking for too much money to be in the films (around 50 million per film), he is getting older and at some point he will need to be replaced. Whether that's now or in two films. We will have to live with it and grow up. Finally because without examples people will still go and on about these sort of things. The "Joker" played originally by Jack Nicholson was thought to be an unbeatable performance. Good thing nobody touched the role again right? That would have sucked if someone had to try to upstage Nicholson, because no one could ever surpass that performance right? Case closed.