Is Civil War the right story for Avengers 3?

A year ago it seemed like Robert Downey Jr. was slowly exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now it seems he wants back in and more to him. Reports show that Downey Jr. with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige have negotiated a way for him to have a hefty presence in "Captain America 3". A role that was initially being written for him in a smaller capacity. 

This script restructuring has led to the people at Marvel to plan ahead for the comic book storyline Civil War, where Cap and Iron Man go head to head over the Superhero Registration Act to be the main plot for the "Avengers 3".

While this is may be an incredible storyline with a lot of political undertones, a great power struggle and huge ramifications to the Marvel Universe. As well as a scenario ripe for an epic action extravaganza. I find it too early to move forward with and bit of hastiness on Marvel's part to so easily choose it just because "Downey Jr. might have left Marvel".

First of all the Civil War storyline in the comics had an extreme significance to it, because there was a close to 40 year history backing it up, also feverish build up through many comic book issues up and to its release and a friendship of 30 years for Cap and Iron Man to finally come to blows.

In the Marvel films it's been barely a decade of their co-existence and with no real friendship between the two, except warrior comradery.

Second the comic book storyline had around 30 or more characters on each side duking it out and in the cinematic universe there aren't even close to 10. Also important is that the comic book story smartly had big players such as Thor and Hulk be absent. Because they would realistically play too big of a part in the battle between government support and superhero anonymity.

Third I realize it does make sense to a point in the cinematic universe. Because of citizen hesitation over superheroes, property destruction, the coincidence of all the heroes showing up at the same time and Iron Man having all ready given up his own identity. It does fit the bill in the context of the world that has been set up.

However, Civil War was a comic book storyline of the year 2006 and I find it would be wiser to focus on storylines of the past. While still at the same time cultivating to grow the current Marvel Movie Roster. Because while the storylines of the last 10 years might be of a higher quality and fresher in memory. You painstakingly miss the opportunity of letting some things happen when the time is right and forget your still small potatoes. Specifically because Marvel haven't properly introduced key characters of that storyline. That don't even exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of yet.

Finally and maybe the most fanboy reason of them all. Any huge Marvel storyline without Spidey, FF and X-Men is always going to be a blow to the scale and importance of the production. Whichever way we want to see it.

Nevertheless, I do have faith in the production to twist the original story around and bring it to a natural evolution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it is. Having Tony Stark possibly revive SHIELD with him at the helm, getting the government to go against Cap and lets say the Falcon and others. Have Tony come at odds with Bruce Banner who they thought they had a bond, have Black Widow or Hawkeye become double agents and Fury have a secret plan under his sleeve. All this could lead to a powerful film and with Whedon or even the Russo brothers directing. It will be the action film that will make fanboys like me explode in geeky harmony. This to me is to be expected, I just simply hope they don't jump the shark and we have one day the demise of this till now great cinematic universe.