The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Lack of Original Villains (for no Reason at All)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has expanded through mainly the medium of cinema and television, and has proven that it has a lot of successful stories to offer. It can be viewed as an immense palette containing a multitude of colors, and the potential combinations that can be produced are limited only by the creativity of the directors, screenwriters, artists and the rest of the staff involved with the creation of the films, TV series, shorts, as well as tie-in comic books associated with the universe. Its immense success is the product of inspiration, talent, and specific recipes which have been established as standard textbook rules that are followed by almost every film, due to their proven appeal to the audience. But is playing safe a guaranteed solution for the viability of the MCU in all cases?

Is Civil War the right story for Avengers 3?

A year ago it seemed Robert Downey Jr. was slowly exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now it seems he wants back in and more to him. Reports show that Downey Jr. with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige have negotiated a way for him to have a hefty presence in "Captain America 3". A role that was initially being written for him in a smaller capacity. This script restructing has led to the comic book storyline Civil War, where Cap and Iron Man go head to head over the Superhero Registration Act. Becoming a serious possibility of being the main plot for the Avengers 3.