The Best and Worst Films of 1999

By far one of my favorite years in cinema. Masterpieces, standouts, crowd-pleasers and downers. If I had to pick one year with such a diverse range of films that I positively adore. It would be 1999.

the best films of 1999

  1. The Matrix by Andy & Larry Wachowski trailer

  2. The Insider by Michael Mann trailer

  3. Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick trailer review

  4. The Sixth Sense by M. Night Syhamalan trailer

  5. Fight Club by David Fincher trailer

  6. Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson trailer

  7. American Beauty by Sam Mendes trailer

  8. The Talented Mr. Ripley by Anthony Minghella trailer

  9. The Green Mile by Frank Darabont trailer

  10. Toy Story 2 by John Lasseter trailer

honorable mentions in alphabetical order:

the worst films of the year 1999

  1. Shes All That by Robert Iscove trailer

  2. Virus by John Bruno

  3. Body Shots by Michel Christofer

  4. Baby Geniuses by Bob Clark

  5. Wild Wild West by Barry Sonefield

  6. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo by Mike Mitchell

  7. Stigmata by Rupert Wainwright

  8. House on Haunted Hill by William Malone

  9. Idle Hands by Rodman Flender

  10. Inspector Gadget by David Kellogg