The Best and Worst Films of 2008

This was the year that my dream came true and I saw not only the best comic book film ever made, but also Batman and the Joker at their finest. Besides the "Dark Knight", "In Bruges" was possibly the funniest and most touching film of the year. With "Hunger" being the best drama and "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" being the romantic film of the year. To round it up "Wall-E" and "The Wrestler" were the best tear jerker material, proving that a robot and an ugly to look at wrestler can make us break down and cry.

the best films of 2008

  1. The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan trailer review

  2. In Bruges by Martin McDonagh trailer

  3. Hunger by Steve McQueen trailer

  4. Vicky Christina Barcelona by Woody Allen trailer

  5. Wall-E by Andrew Stanton trailer

  6. Milk by Gus Van Sant trailer

  7. The Wrestler by Darren Aronofsky trailer review

  8. The Visitor by Thomas McCarthy trailer

  9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by David Fincher trailer

  10. Che Part 1: The Argentine by Steven Soderbergh trailer

honorable mentions in alphabetical order:

  • Cloverfield by Matt Reeves trailer

  • Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood trailer

  • Let the Right One In by Tomas Alfredson trailer review

  • Quantum of Solace by Marc Forster trailer

  • Religulous by Larry Charles trailer review

  • Revolutionary Road by Sam Mendes trailer

  • W. by Oliver Stone trailer

the worst films of 2008

  1. Eagle Eye by D.J. Caruso trailer review

  2. Meet the Spartans by Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer

  3. The Love Guru by Marco Schnabel

  4. 21 by Robert Luketic

  5. Jumper by Doug Liman

  6. Max Payne by John Moore

  7. Sex and the City by Michael Patrick King

  8. Wanted by Timur Bekmambetov

  9. You Dont Mess with the Zohan by Dennis Dugan

  10. Superhero Movie by Craig Mazin