The Best and Worst Films of 2010

2010 was no different than previous years, with films that delivered thrills, chills and major disappointments. The biggest film of the year was without a doubt "Inception", that not only broke the box office, but also our minds. Furthemore this was also a great year for thrillers from old filmmaking legends with their films "Shutter Island" and "The Ghost Writer" and also from new filmmakers with films such as "Buried".

Besides the great moments they were also many bad ones. Films like "Resident Evil", "Sex and the City 2" and many more left us with a sour taste of filmmakers capabilities of defining art and anticpating audience expectation . 

To conclude no matter the good, the bad and the ugly of 2010, it was a good year overall. It managed to wow us, crack us up, make us shed a tear, feel scared and continue to make us love cinema. The fact alone that great filmmakers old and new are still trying to remain original and keep the movie magic flowing. Is enough to have faith for the foreseeable future of cinema.

the best films of 2010

  1. Inception by Christopher Nolan trailer review

  2. Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky trailer

  3. The Ghost Writer by Roman Polanski trailer review

  4. Toy Story 3 by Lee Unkrich trailer review

  5. Buried by Rodrigo Cortes trailer

  6. Shutter Island by Martin Scorsese trailer review

  7. Inside Job by Charles Ferguson trailer

  8. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World by Edgar Wright trailer review

  9. The Kids Are All Right by Lisa Cholodenko trailer

  10. Barney's Version by Richard J. Lewis trailer

honorable mentions in alphabetical order:

the worst films of 2010

  1. I'm Still Here by Casey Affleck trailer

  2. I Spit On Your Grave by Steven R. Monroe trailer review

  3. Devil by John Erick Dowdle trailer

  4. Vampires Suck by Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer trailer

  5. The Tourist by Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck trailer review

  6. Resident Evil: Afterlife by Paul W.S. Anderson trailer

  7. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lighting Thief by Chris Columbus trailer

  8. She's Out of My League by Jim Field Smith trailer review

  9. Leap Year by Anand Tucker trailer

  10. Cop Out by Kevin Smith trailer review

P.S. As always this a ever-evolving list. I haven't seen all the films of 2010 and there are many more I still wish to see. So even if some are not on the list, that dosen't mean they wont be later or that they don't deserve to be.

List of all the films I saw this year: HERE

last updated as of January 1, 2014

list by Paul Katsaros

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