The Best and Worst Films of 2016

This list is being posted fairly late, but I believe from now on its best to post a list of films from best to worst, once one has seen a fair amount of films from varying genres and styles for the purpose of that given list. Naturally, I personally could never reach the crazy amount of around 500 films a year as my favorite movie critic Roger Ebert would see. As he was doing it professionally and I'm just doing it on my off time. However, if I could get myself at least to the 50-60 film mark in a year than I'm doing something right.

2016 was the year of 'Moonlight' and 'La La Land' for the most part, but the honest truth is that they were far from the best films of the year. 'La La Land' song and dance numbers that were supposed to be its biggest selling point wasn't even the best part of that film. While 'Moonlight' was praised to the nth degree, even though most people never even saw it in the movie theaters.

However, despite these films having conquered the media and awards attention, more powerful and visceral productions existed that weren't as flashy or with the message that certain individuals wanted to push forward. Films such as 'Arrival' and 'Nocturnal Animals' that in my opinion were the most honest, engaging and well made films of the year. With the painful renege story and metaphorical narrative of 'Nocturnal Animals' through a writer's book and 'Arrival' that explored in a fascinating way the idea of alien contact, language and the meaning of existence and consciousness.

Therefore, its harsh to see these films while other great ones such 'Green Room' or even 'Jungle Book' not get enough attention due to the media bias and self love. Nevertheless, here are my best and worst picks of the year 2016.

the best films of 2016

  1. Nocturnal Animals by Tom Ford review

  2. Arrival by Denis Villeneuve review

  3. The Founder by John Lee Hancock

  4. The Neon Demon by Nicolas Winding Refn

  5. Lion by Garth Davis review

  6. The Light Between Oceans by Derek Cianfrance

  7. Elle by Paul Verhoeven

  8. Deepwater Horizon by Peter Berg

  9. The Jungle Book by Jon Favreau

  10. Green Room by Jeremy Saulnier

honorable mentions in alphabetical order:

the worst films of 2016

  1. Ghostbusters by Paul Feig

  2. Sausage Party by Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon review

  3. Suicide Squad (Theatrical Edition) by David Ayer review

  4. Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) by James Bobin review

  5. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Theatrical Edition) by Zack Snyder review

  6. The Girl on the Train by Tate Taylor review

  7. Zoolander 2 by Ben Stiller

  8. Gods of Egypt by Alex Proyas review

  9. How to Be Single by Christian Ditter review

  10. Hail, Caesar! by Ethan Coen & Joel Coen review

P.S. This an ever-evolving list. I haven't seen all the films of 2016 and there are many more I still wish to see. So even if some are not on the list, that doesn't mean they won't be later or that they don't deserve to be.

List of all the films I saw this year (from best to worst): HERE

All films picked are based on the first country of release.

Last updated as of December 28, 2017