The Best and Worst Films of 2001

One year that is a literal tie for best film, I can't personally decide which was better than other and every other day I just end up changing my mind on it. ‘Memento’ and ‘Mulholland Dr.’ are two films that mesmerize the viewer and revolutionize the way films are made and told.

However, that is not to say the rest of the pack are lacking in value. 2001 was a year full of surprises from many genres, but more or less was a year packing dynamite dramas.

the best films of the year 2001

  1. Memento by Christopher Nolan

  2. Mulholland Dr. by David Lynch

  3. In the Bedroom by Todd Field

  4. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by Peter Jackson

  5. Black Hawk Down by Ridley Scott

  6. Audition by Takashi Miike

  7. Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly

  8. Training Day by Antoine Fuqua

  9. Hannibal by Ridley Scott

  10. Vanilla Sky by Cameron Crowe

honorable mentions in alphabetical order:

  • Amelie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

  • Ali by Michael Mann

  • Beijing Bicycle by Xiaoshuai Wang

  • Brother by Takeshi Kitano

  • Gosford Park by Robert Altman

  • Oceans Eleven by Steven Sodenbergh

  • Sexy Beast by Jonathan Glazer

  • Tape by Richard Linklater

  • The Believer by Henry Bean

  • Zoolander by Ben Stiller

the worst films of the year 2001

  1. Freddy Got Fingered by Tom Green

  2. Pearl Harbor by Michael Bay

  3. Valentine by Jamie Blanks

  4. The Animal by Luke Greenfield