The Best and Worst Films of 2017

This list may be half a year over due, but last year's was almost a full year late, so we are making some sort of progress. The reasons for this are various, but mostly boil down to not having enough time to see the same amount of films in a given year, especially enough great ones, but also terrible ones in order to form this list. Now that I have reached at least the mark of 50 films seen in a given year, I can say that the below list of best and worst is a more honest take than whatever else could have been formulated a few months back.

The Best and Worst Films of 2016

This list is being posted fairly late, but I believe from now on its best to post a list of films from best to worst, once one has seen a fair amount of films from varying genres and styles for the purpose of that given list. Naturally, I personally could never reach the crazy amount of around 500 films a year as my favorite movie critic Roger Ebert would see. As he was doing it professionally and I'm just doing it on my off time. However, if I could get myself at least to the 50-60 film mark in a year than I'm doing something right.

The Best and Worst Films of 2015

Shamefully this year, I had to post the best and worst films list rather late. As due to the factors of changing job, environment, schedule and so on, didn't make it easy to watch all the films I would have wanted and also with the same ease as before. Nevertheless, with time I accustomed to the new status quo and found different ways of getting back in tune with my love of cinema. Binge watching some of the most mediocre films of the year, going to the theater to see the occasional greatness (The Hateful Eight) and also the usual worthlessness at work. (50 Shades of Grey).

The Best and Worst Films of 2012

This was the year were all fan-boys dreams came true. First "The Avengers" finally came to life and without a hiccup, then the best comic book trilogy to date in "The Dark Knight Trilogy" came to a beautiful close and now comic book films have a definite foothold on the world wide market and with no end in sight. Though, it would be a gross exaggeration to say that superhero films were the only films to capture our love and imagination this year.