The Best Romance Films

We all are a fool for love, even more on the big screen. Many of the great love stories have been about the connection of two people, the sacrifice of love and the absence of it. Others about the quirkiness and unfair nature that comes with it. The great romances of the past, are all but forgotten to the cheap rom-coms of today. Here is a list with some of the greats, some my favorites and some of the best love stories you will ever see.

The Best and Worst Films of 2011

Another year has past, with more great films to remember and abysmal films to forget. In general it was a pretty light year. Films were mostly about superheroes, blockbusters, Harry Potter and Twilight fever than films that capture movie magic or push the boundaries of cinema. Those special films that we all rave about, I'm sad to say weren't that many. Not that they weren't exceptions.

The Best and Worst Films of 2010

2010 was no different than previous years, with films that delivered thrills, chills and major disappointments. The biggest film of the year was without a doubt "Inception", that not only broke the box office, but also our minds. This was also a great year for thrillers from old legends in "Shutter Island" and "The Ghost Writer" and also from new filmmakers with films like "Buried".

The Best War Films

There isn't anything glamorous about war and most of these films try not to glamorize something that has ruined mankind chances of living in peace so many times. All these films show in their own way the cruelty of war, the consequences, the reasons why we go to war. Some also manage to perfectly satirize the whole idea of war and some even come close to being some of the best anti war material ever created.

The Best Films of the 1950's

Too many Hitchcock films? Well your going to have to live with it. Because the 50's were dominated by some his best films. Films that were a great inspiration and continuing to define cinema till this day. But the 50's weren't only about Hitch. The 1950's were also a time with a much different focus than ours. With aliens, unlikely heroes and an intense and rebellious youth being right at the forefront.

The Best Gangster Films

Some of our most favorite films happen to be about the most retched, cruel and greedy people on Earth, Mobsters. Their charm, way of life and smug attitude that they deserve it all and never had it coming. Constantly intrigues us and makes us at times want to be apart of the lifestyle and in on the social hierarchy of control. No matter their evil deeds and even sometimes good. They provide most often some of the best entertainment cinema has to provide, hands down.

The Best Films of the 1970's

Now the 70's are probably the most beloved decade of them all. How couldn't it be with two Godfather films, Star Wars and the Exorcist to name a few. The 70's are the most remembered for the genre classics that were created and also the rise of new filmmakers, that today have become masters of cinema. Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg, Lucas all rose to dominance in the 70's and made it a special decade, with fond memories of hope in galaxies far far away, of deep love for family & honor and the fear of the devil within us all. Ladies and gentlemen the best of the 1970's.