Can Ben Affleck be a good Batman?

Naturally before I begin with my thoughts on Affleck in general and if could he work or not as Batman. We must admit that yes, there is a chance he might be a good Batman. You have to leave the chance open that anything could happen for one, second acting choices of past have surprised many so could do the same and it is premature to spew out hatred. However there is a difference between hatred and disappointment, hatred and annoyance and hatred and the honest truth. When you've been spoiled with Nolan and Bale being the dynamic duo of bringing seriousness to comic book films. We will have to really lower the bar very low with the duo of Snyder and Affleck.

Is Robert Downey Jr. as "Iron Man" replaceable?

Robert Downey Jr. just recently signed on for two more Marvel films. We all presume that they are going to be "Avengers" 2 and 3 and not any more "Iron Man" films. Still during this time we've been hearing a lot of rumors and speculation of what would have happened if he was indeed replaced or him choosing to leave the series. As well as the huge fan out cry of not living another day without Downey Jr. in role of Tony Stark. Which leads me to the question. Was the fan reaction a little bit overboard and could Downey be replaced?

The Best and Worst Films of 2012

This was the year were all fan-boys dreams came true. First "The Avengers" finally came to life and without a hiccup, then the best comic book trilogy to date in "The Dark Knight Trilogy" came to a beautiful close and now comic book films have a definite foothold on the world wide market and with no end in sight. Though, it would be a gross exaggeration to say that superhero films were the only films to capture our love and imagination this year.


The Best Romance Films

We all are a fool for love, even more on the big screen. Many of the great love stories have been about the connection of two people, the sacrifice of love and the absence of it. Others about the quirkiness and unfair nature that comes with it. The great romances of the past, are all but forgotten to the cheap rom-coms of today. Here is a list with some of the greats, some my favorites and some of the best love stories you will ever see.

The Best and Worst Films of 2011

Another year has past, with more great films to remember and abysmal films to forget. In general it was a pretty light year. Films were mostly about superheroes, blockbusters, Harry Potter and Twilight fever than films that capture movie magic or push the boundaries of cinema. Those special films that we all rave about, I'm sad to say weren't that many. Not that they weren't exceptions.