The Spanish-Language Breaking Bad Remake Trailer

Sometimes cinema and even TV purists whine about remakes being made too much. But when remakes like "Scarface" and "Homeland" pop up we suddenly close up and admit that sometimes magic can happen twice over. This also applies to the importation of properties from Europe and other lands. Taking their intellectual properties and making them our own. Great examples of that are "Homeland" and "In Treatment". 

Who would have thought it also happens very often vice versa. I only knew of this happening with sitcoms. Such as "the Office" and "the Nanny" having many international versions. Well now its also going to happen with dramas and "Breaking Bad" the Colombian version which is being released soon. Personally, I hope to them all the best, but with one piece of advice in mind. That they don't make the same mistakes that all remakes usually do. Following the original shot by shot or play by play. Not straying away from beaten path.

If they can avoid this, then it could be another great take of a man breaking bad.