Brazil selling Next-Gen Consoles for over 1000 Dollars!

Inflation and currency difference make buying a console in Brazel rather expensive.

Sony yesterday revealed the pricing of the PS4 in Brazil and it can only drop jaws by seeing the currency conversion into our own currencies. The PS4 will cost R$3,999 in Brazil when it launches and based on currency exchange rates here is the equivalent $1,849.85 (or £1,355.32, or €1,146.65, or ¥180,894.39).

Let's not forget the PS4 will launch with prices at $399.99 in the U.S., £349 in the U.K. and in Europe at €399. Quite a difference isn't it. 

Having no real clue on the Brazilian currency or market. I have no idea why the hell the Brazilian government permit this or thinks its good for business or consumers. As it actually kills both sides and only permits the entry of more imports in the market and with profits going outside of Brazil, instead of remaining inside. 

Additionally, the Xbox One will launch in Brazil for $R2,199, which is still over a thousand US dollars, but is a bit cheaper than the PS4.