Hercules: The Legend Begins (2014) Trailer - Kellan Lutz Movie

While the costumes look fine, the effects aren't that bad and even the set design and look of the film is reminiscent, but necessarily the same as the films "300" or "Clash of the Titans" films. The timing and plot of this film are suspicious.

First the fact this story has nothing to do with mythology. Having a very weird roman/gladiator vibe that I have no clue where they got it from and sadly see this film miserably failing at the box office. Not to mention Hercules has to lead an army. Why? Don't know. Probably they saw "Immortals" and said if Henry Cavill led an army, so should Hercules.

Lack of authenticity aside. The suspicious really comes out of the timing. Having "Immortals" come out two years ago, one year ago "Wrath of the Titans", "300: Battle of Artemisia" coming out next year and the Brett Ratner-The Rock "Hercules" also coming out. Makes me double think why this project was made. Was it because a real vision was assembled and wanted to be shown or executives just heard market trends and dollar signs run around in their heads?

I hope it's the first, but know its probably the latter.


director: Renny Harlin

starring: Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss and Scott Adkins

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release date:  March 2014 (U.S.)