Beetlejuice 2 Might Happen

If it wasn't enough that Tim Burton's films have fallen very low in quality and his overabundance of team-ups with Johnny Depp have become tiresome. They are thoughts for him to go back to the well and possibly make "Beetlejuice 2". If it's been too long since its 1988 release I'm not best person to say. Never have been a big fan of "Beetlejuice" or Tim Burton.

But as first reports come to show Burton and Beetlejuice himself Michael Keaton are ready to return. The script will come from Seth Grahame-Smith who has collaborated in the past with Burton on the film "Dark Shadows". In my opinion after seeing "Dark Shadows". The duo of Burton behind the camera and Grahame-Smith on script duties haven't convinced.

Maybe I'm wrong, but what do you think?