Star Wars: Episode 7 Screenwriter's script canned, Complete Re-write by Abrams & Kasdan

Anyone who knows who Michael Arndt is, thought he was a great choice to write the new Star Wars film. Not only is he an Oscar winner from his "Little Miss Sunshine" script, but it also was a great character film with lots of emotion and great message of family love and sticking together. Not to mention his writing credit on Toy Story 3 and how no one could say that was a badly written script.

Yet, for some reason he is pushed aside and director J.J. Abrams and "Empire Strikes Back" writer Lawrence Kasdan are now in charge of script duties.

The announcement of this didn't explain a lot on the decision. It was mostly "he did a good job" and now "they are continuing on". Rumors have been going on for awhile that Arndt had difficulty writing the script. If that was his fault or it was because studio demanded constant changes from script we will find out later on. Here's hoping the new script is of up standing quality. We don't want another Midichlorians scandal!