Terrence Howard is Still Bitter Over Iron Man

This news isn't necessarily new, but it does add a bit to the already known information about the firing of Terrence Howard from "Iron Man 2" and on. Sadly he was replaced by another fine actor Don Cheadle to fill the role of War Machine, a decision that was purely for financial reasons and not creative ones.

The first reports over this dispute were that Terrence asked for a pay raise and that Marvel wouldn't give it up to a supporting actor that isn't a box office draw. We all thought the beef was with Marvel originally. Although, the latest news that has come out of an interview he gave to the "Vulture" makes his bitterness kind of reasonable. That Terrence actually asked for assistance from Downey Jr. in the dispute and he never got a call back. Which in all honesty if true. Is kind of sad. I understand Marvel's position for not wanting to give to much money to the supporting actors and also trying to be financially strict.

However, if Mr. Tony Stark himself Downey Jr. who's made almost over 100 million dollars with 3 "Iron Man" films & "The Avengers" and couldn't help a brother out for a raise. Then maybe he doesn't remember well his own past and how people casually forgot about what kind of man he was. With behavior like this, it wouldn't be that bad of idea maybe to reminisce and rethink our fanboy love for him.