Famed Movie Critic Roger Ebert Passes Away at 70

Famed and respected film critic Roger Ebert passed away today due to complications with cancer. He had been fighting with it ever since 2002.

Roger Ebert is most known for his TV show program "At the Movies" with Gene Siskel and later on with Richard Roeper. A show lasting over 22 years and containing one of the most famous phrases in movie criticism "Two thumps up".

Alongside his TV show he was the head film critic for the "Chicago Sun Times" for 46 years and is right up there with Pauline Kael as one of the most well known & regarded film critics to ever to pen a review. He is also one of the major figures to bring the public's intrigue & respect into movie criticism, instead of making the racket feel as a group of elitists.

Personally if it wasn't for critics like Ebert I wouldn't be writing criticism today. His opinion might not having been liked by all and he did create a number of feuds in his time. But no one can say that he didn't know his material, that he didn't fight and believe in just causes, that he didn't go against the system and that he didn't stand up for underdog films and filmmakers.

Possibly the greatest film critic to ever step on this earth is survived by his wife of 11 years, Chaz Hammelsmith Ebert.