Esteemed Animation Director Miyazaki to Retire

Famous, adored and a true master of animation filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki is going to retire from filmmaking.

 Many are sad over the news, but it's reasonable without knowing much about his personal reasons as he is 72 years old. If the man thinks he's offered all he's got then no one can blame. At least he offered some of the most incredible visual experiences through his animation. Films that were for both for adults and children. Movies full of vibrant characters, emotionally driven stories and astonishingly weird ideas and designs at times. Some of the many reasons why he became so famous not only by audiences, but also by fellow filmmakers and the whole animation community. He has made 10 full length animation films, another 8 animations shorts and one music video in his career.

Here are trailers for some of his most famous work and of his newest film "The Wind Rises":