Miss Violence (2013) Trailer

After the Silver Lion win at the Venice film festival, many thought it be logical to check out the trailer of the awarded film. Especially the fact that it is a film from one of my countries, Greece. The trailer shows in a classic artistic Greek cinema style not very much in conventionality or what exactly the plot is. Giving only a small glimpse of a Greek family's life and something that goes horribly wrong.

Greek films have been known to be heavily artistic, full of meaning and low on dialogue or explanation. But are these the sort of films that attract Greek audiences or only the foreign & art-cultured crowd? Nonetheless congrats are in order and hopefully we can get the chance to see the film very soon.

director:  Alexandros Avranas

starring:  Kostas Antalopoulos, Constantinos Athanasiades and Chloe Bolota

IMDb page

release date:  November 21, 2013 (Greece)