Man of Steel 2 has cast both Lex Luthor and Alfred!

The latest casting news from the "Man of Steel" sequel isn't incredible yet again. However it's not as bad as the casting of an unproven and unfit actress to portray "Wonder Woman". The case here is slightly different.

The casting news is that Jesse Eisenberg known for his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg will play Lex Luthor and that Jeremy Irons known for his portrayal as the Pope in "the Borgias" will also play Batman's butler Alfred. As of yet fandom hasn't unleashed a fury storm over the announcements as with Batfleck, but more are taken aback with the overall casting choices of the second Superman film. With every choice being weirder than the last.

First the choice of an actor such as Jeremy Irons who is known to overact and shout and be the center of attention. Is an odd kind of pick for a butler who is the quiet, calm, supportive and calculative type. On the other hand Eisenberg I can see as Luthor because his character is the center of attention and Eisenberg plays that well. He has the sarcasm and the internal hatred and look of being better than everyone. Except, I just don't think he's as good of an actor as Hollywood thinks he is.

Irregardless, if this casting news bothers us fans in general. What to say about the fact that Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, or that Goyer is still writing the script and also that Zack Snyder still has the directors chair.. I've made my point.