Adam Driver to play Darth Vader type character in Star Wars: Episode VII

Best known for his role on the HBO TV show "Girls" and his recent part in "Inside Llewyn Davis", Adam Driver has been cast in the lead villain role for "Star Wars Episode VII".

An unconventional choice not only from looks, but notoriety. Driver was already rumored for two DC comic roles from Nightwing to Lex Luthor. Personally I can't offer any opinion on the casting, as I haven't seen the man act. But from looks alone, he seems as a person confident of himself and maybe has the chops to bring out the dark side and be the ultimate Sith Lord.

The role that he's going to play is supposedly in vein of Darth Vader, whatever that's supposed to mean. Also the casting is still not yet a 100% closed deal. As they are still going through scheduling issues.

"Star Wars Episode VII" is to be filmed in England at Pinewood Studios by director J.J. Abrams.