Ballers (2015) TV Show Trailer

'Any Given Sunday' meets 'Jerry Maguire'. This pretty much should be the tagline of this yet to be premiered show. With Rob Corddry and The Rock in the lead roles and the show to be also on the prestigious channel of HBO. It is probably more than enough for many to think that this will be some really good Television.

Nevertheless, it could get bogged down in some treacherous supporting cast subplot territory. Which might be looking way too far into the future. However if you see the trailer and then ask yourself these critical questions. You will understand that this show might not have the legs to last a long time. Such as: what is this show's main characters arc? How many supporting characters will it have, how much focus will they have and how long should a show like this last?

These are questions that hopefully the creators would have thought of in advance. Because the trailer will have many pumped up for it, me included. Here is in just hopping that it actually ends up being entertaining and engaging as it seems.

show creator: Stephen Levinson

starring: Dwayne Johnson, Anabelle Acosta and Rob Corddry

IMDb page 

release date: June 21, 2015 on HBO