Café Society (2016) Trailer - Woody Allen Film

I put in the title that it's a Woody Allen film, but it actually isn't. It really is a Woody Allen digital. What I mean by that is that its his first movie to be made with a digital camera, rather than a film camera. This might not be shocking to some, but for most of the devoted film community it most definitely is.

Rather than to focus on the scenery, customary Woody Allen character in Eisenberg or how fun the movie might be as shown in the trailer. It's better to point out how odd for a filmmaker after around 40 years in the business and having directed countless of beautiful films on film such as 'Manhattan' to now just dive into the digital age in a period production, where film would have been a more suitable choice. 

director: Woody Allen

starring: Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Camp

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release dates: 12 August 2016 (USA)