Cars 3 (2017) Trailer - Lightning Strikes

This and the previous 'Cars' installments must have been made by at least a few automobile fanatics. As the intensity and fever pitch speed of the cars/characters in the films is easy to marvel at and know immediately why that amount of detail was put into them.

Additionally, in terms of content, its perfect entertainment for children with a lot of eye candy on screen and a good enough story that usually teaches a couple of lessons along the way. Lastly, this series has made Disney a ton of money when it comes to merchandising, more than you can imagine (link). So, it makes a lot of sense for them to keep going back to the well on this one.

director: Brian Fee

starring (voices): Armie Hammer, Owen Wilson and Bonnie Hunt 

release dates: 16 June 2017 (USA), 28 September 2017 (Germany)

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