Channing Tatum Is the New Gambit

With "X-Men Days of Future Past" being released already in several countries, movie studio "20th Century Fox" has decided to confirm the rumors and announce the casting of Gambit for the next "X-Men" film. Famous and well liked actor Channing Tatum is the man of choice for the role and he will be replacing Taylor Kitsch who briefly played the part in the first" Wolverine" film.

Tatum is a great action star, balancing well the dramatic tone of a film with the comedic. He hasn't ever really been pushed to the limits of his acting skills. Not that the particular role requires it, but I don't know towards which direction they are taking the character. Because Gambit is known to have a Cajun accent in the comics and he is also one of those comic book creations that is more of a fan favorite for character design, looks, bravado, than for who he is and what he has done. He is basically a Han Solo type of character. The problem is that he hasn't had many great stories in the comics and I don't know if that bad luck will continue also on the big screen and if Tatum will have enough to work with on paper.

The next "X-Men" film is scheduled for release in May 27, 2016 and the plot is to be revolved around the comic book storyline of "the Age of Apocalypse".