Community Fans Rejoice, Yahoo has picked it up for a 6th Season

After "Hulu" and "Netflix" passed on the chance of making another season of the cult show "Community", Yahoo Screen & Sony Pictures have now stepped in and confirmed to continue the meta humor for at least one more year.

Important details on the deal have yet to be released. Things such as how many episodes will be aired, if episode length time will change and if the budget will be also minimized have not been clarified. Though, the good news for now is, that creator Dan Harmon and the same group of actors are still going to be involved with the production. So if some minor changes do happen, it is a worthy sacrifice for a show that under normal "TV Network" circumstances would have never come to be.

Here are some feelings on the announcement of the 6th season of "Community" from some of the cast and crew.

Dan Harmon (Creator)

"I am very pleased that 'Community' will be returning for its predestined sixth season on Yahoo," comments Dan Harmon. "I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online. I vow to dominate our new competition. Rest easy, 'Big Bang Theory.' Look out, Bang Bus!"

Joel McHale (Plays Jeff on Community)

"'The reports of our cancellation have been greatly exaggerated.' ---Mark Twain (The other version of this quote has been wrong for years). #SixSeasonsAndaMovie is real. Thank you Sony. Thank you Yahoo. Thank you Dan Harmon. And thank you to the greatest f%$#ing fans in the history of the human race. It's the internet. We can swear now."

Kathy Savitt (CMO of Yahoo)

"Yahoo is all about connecting the best creators to the audiences who love their work. 'Community' has an incredibly passionate and loyal fan base who have fought hard to keep this amazing show alive. We couldn't be more excited to work with Dan, Joel, and the entire cast, as well as Sony, to deliver a great season 6,".

Zack Van Amburg (President of programming and production for SPT)

"The fans spoke and we listened. Thanks to Yahoo, and the amazing team that makes 'Community' great, we've avoided the Darkest Timeline yet again and plan to deliver a fantastic season,"