Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Trailer - Tom Cruise Movie

Not only are the effects in this movie mind blowing, but the integration of effects and actors in CGI blue suits are seamless at times. Showing how far technology is blurring the lines between practical effects & CGI. Additionally the mech like armor suits for the soldiers of the future are really cool and do look different enough from the exoskeleton tech "Elysium" had.

Yet, I still have a beef with this film. The film's plot is eerily similar in themes with Cruise's previous film "Oblivion". Dealing again with the same themes of death, memory loss, alien invasion, a similar looking female companion to his last and a journey of finding the hidden truth behind the world and his character's origin through a lost friend.

Making me wonder how many times are we going to enjoy the same old formula? Many it seems.. What they could at least do is pace these films out by a couple of years. If they all have the same film structure and pattern. Also not to cast the same actor in the same forsaken role and as well not to cast a supporting actress that fits the same exact role in look and form with the same guy's previous film. Is that too much to ask?