Knight of Cups (2015) Trailer

Few art cultured directors have been able to capture my interest so vividly and one of those few is Terrence Malick. A man who makes eye catching films, that are stunning in their beauty and detailed in their spherical view of life. While also in his usage of low angled and natural lighted shots, with his composition of locations and scenarios that are filmed in a way never before seen. Bringing a distinct sense of emotional, nostalgic and spiritual value to his films.

His latest project "Knight of Cups" seems to be about a soul searching artist who's caught in between the exploration and experimentation of life to the conservative and conventional way of living it. Whether this is going to be a great film, is debatable. However it will be a fantastic cinematic experience and one that in my opinion should be seen in its full glory on the big screen.

director: Terence Malick

starring: Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer

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release date: Q1 2015