Matt Reeves gets the Batman directing gig and then immediately exits the production

We were greeted a couple of days ago with the great news that Matt Reeves was to be the director of the new Batman film that Ben Affleck initially decided not to take on. The decision of picking Reeves was greeted by everyone with great enthusiasm based on his previous work and creative handling of them. However, there has been a twist to the story as it seems it wasn't a done deal and he has exited the talks with the studio of Warner Bros.

People are still saying things could turn around, but this is not a good sign for the DC Movies department and their handling of their future DC Movie Universe. As Marvel has had their train be on track for quite a while and instead of getting household names to direct their films they have resorted for a streamlined approach of new talent that don't ask many questions or demand much control. DC should either copy the approach or give more control to the big name directors they want to have helm their projects. As they did it in the past with Burton and Nolan, so what's the difference if they did the same for Affleck or Reeves.

director: TBC

starring: Ben Affleck, Joe Manganiello and J.K. Simmons

release dates: TBA

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