Mission Impossible 5 (2015) Teaser Trailer

Quite honestly, they really know what their doing with the franchise. As M.I.5 looks to be maybe the funnest and most action packed entry of the series as of yet. With the studio understanding brilliantly what it needed which was a little Simon Pegg British humor and Tom Cruise doing what he does best. Which is be the ultimate action star, willing to put his life on the line for the stunt and for our dirty pleasure.

In regards to the plot of the film, I believe that the direction taken is a good one. As long as they don't make it about another mole in the agency type scenario. Besides that there is no reason not to be pumped up for this film!

director: Christopher McQuarrie

starring: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Alec Baldwin

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release dates: July 31, 2015 (U.S.), August 6, 2015 (Australia & Germany)