New Movies of the Week 1/11/18-7/11/18

Seeing the two big releases of the week, one could be taken aback by the directors behind them. As they weren’t played up in their advertisement campaigns and personally hadn’t been bothered to see who was initially directing them.

In ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ case its possibly due to affairs outside the film business that are unfortunate with Bryan Singer, despite his ‘X-Men‘ fame and the ‘Nutcracker’ that has the odd pairing of directors with Joe Johnston the studio shooter and the more dramatic journey man director in Lasse Hallström. This may mean nothing to most, but to a film buff its noticeable and interesting nonetheless.

Besides these two films lucky Greece will be getting the remake of ‘Suspiria’ earlier than most places around the world and sadly for it a little after Halloween.

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