New Movies of the Week 12/4/18-18/4/18

Another videogame movie hits cinemas this week and a lot of us didn't even know it existed. While it looks like a lot of fun and the Rock is in it which is reason enough most of time, you can only hope it took some ideas from movies like 'Godzilla', 'Kong' and 'Pacific Rim' that got that formula right.

The other big film of the week is 'Truth or Dare', a horror film in April which is rare, but at least it's a change of tune from the rest of the blockbuster and comic book bonanza we get on a weekly basis.

Some of the rest of the films being released internationally that are worth your time can be found below:

Upcoming Releases for Australia

Upcoming Releases for Germany

Upcoming Releases for Greece

Upcoming Releases for the United States