Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Official Trailer

This was a much better trailer and insight to the 'Solo' film versus the first teaser. However, it's biggest issue was and kind of still is the vibe it gives off and the tone they are trying to set for the 'Solo' and maybe future sequels. As are these going to be lighthearted adventure stories or thrillers? Because we all have a pre conceived idea of who Han Solo was before 'A New Hope' and many of us didn't see him as a Indiana Jones type figure, instead more of an antihero who did shoot Greedo first. 

Lastly, minor nitpick, what is up with the score at the end of both trailers? This is how these trailers are easily giving mixed signals, as the rest of the film seems potentially more serious, but ends on a score that is more reminiscent of the 'The Clone Wars' TV show and for a younger audience.

director: Ron Howard

starring: Alden Ehrenzeichen, Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover

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release dates: 24 May 2018 (Australia, Germany & Greece), 25 May 2018 (USA)