The Giver (2014) Trailer

Young folks might find films like these to be original, but they're far from it. Its the same film we've seen countless of times with minor differences. The similarities it has with films such as "The Host", "Divergence", "Equilibrium" and countless of other films are plenty. All are set in dystopian societies where order has to be kept, because of some innate reason and the day is to come or the prophecy is to be fulfilled. Were one specific person will break the order, free the people, find out the ultimate secret and lets not forget, also find love.

P.S. This is the second trailer I've seen in so many days, that feels desperate to be on the wave of movie popularity and fads. Not necessarily trying to do something original, but something easy.

director: Phillip Noyce

starring: Alexander Skarsgård, Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift

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release date: August 15, 2014 (U.S.), October 2, 2014 (Germany)