Twin Peaks is on its way back to TV

Rumors were circulating a week ago about a possible return of "Twin Peaks" to television and I thought that to be wishful thinking. Though "Showtime" thought it to be much more than that. Taking the big decision to bring back the famous show for another round.

On board for the revival are both original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. Who have already stated that the plot will be 25 years after the events of the second season. Which means there are a lot of things that will have changed for FBI agent Dale Cooper and the residents of Twin Peaks.

After a good 22 years from the last "Twin Peaks" property was released. It is a good question whether the show will have the same impact in once had. However with both the original creators back on board for both the peculiar and campy side of Twin Peaks to be present and with a number of original cast members voicing their intention to come back. Is all but enough to be happy that this was the announcement of the continuation of the show, rather than it having been an announcement of a remake or re-imagining of some sort.

Here is the special "TWIN PEAKS" announcement video from "Showtime".