Underworld: Blood Wars (2017) - International Trailer

Two franchises that keep on giving us pointless, action packed and boring sequels are 'Resident Evil' and 'Underworld'. Both of which began as cool action sci fi films with a potential of big ensemble casts and a vast world full of rivalries and conspiracies. However, both ended up wasting our time with horrendous scripts and sub par acting.

Nevertheless, these films overall never cost that much to make and their were always a small group of trusted fans that were willing enough to pay the price of admission.

'Underworld' now back for its 5th sequel is the next chapter in the endless battle between bad CGI werewolves and extremely attractive vampires. Up to you if this constitutes a worthy investment of your time or should we finally bid farewell to this old monster series.

director: Anna Foerster

starring: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James and Tobias Menzies

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release dates: 6 January 2017 (USA)