Weekend U.S. Box Office April 13-15, 2018

This box office weekend while it wasn't the largest, did show certain things that are positive for Hollywood and for cinema in general.

One, a film about a giant Gorilla and creatures with the Rock running around to stop them can easily make 30 million just on the Rock factor alone. However, if it wasn't for its international box office its likelihood of it recouping costs would be a lot lower.

But, more importantly is the second and third spot in this box office top ten. Showing how people don't always care about big budgets and will watch almost anything as long as it has the people they like in them and the potential for a good story. Both these films with budgets under 30 and 10 million have made more than double now and Hollywood could easily replicate the success by targeting projects like these for the quick buck instead of shelling out millions on potential multi million payouts. Which will happen for them every so often, but not as much as they hope. 

1. Rampage

Weekend: $34.5M Total: $34.5M Weeks: 1

2. A Quiet Place

Weekend: $32.6M Total: $99.6M Weeks: 2

3. Truth or Dare

Weekend: $19.1M Total: $19.1M Weeks: 1

4. Ready Player One

Weekend: $11.2M Total: $114.6M Weeks: 8

5. Blockers

Weekend: $10.3M Total: $36.9M Weeks: 4

6. Black Panther

Weekend: $5.3M Total: $673.8M Weeks: 2

7. Isle of Dogs

Weekend: $5.0M Total: $18.5M Weeks: 1

8. I Can Only Imagine

Weekend: $3.8M Total: $75.0M Weeks: 3

9. Acrimony

Weekend: $3.7M Total: $37.9M Weeks: 3

10. Chappaquiddick

Weekend: $3.0M Total: $11.0M Weeks: 3

Please note: All numbers are in USD