Weekend U.S. Box Office June 15-17, 2018

'Solo', stand aside, Disney can rely solely on Marvel and Pixar to reign in the big bucks.

'Incredibles 2' that was released this past week managed to make the biggest animation opening in U.S. history and without much surprise. The first film was a fan favorite and one of the best superhero films ever made for both critics and audiences.

Additionally released this week was 'Tag' and as expected it made enough not to be a complete box office bomb, but not enough to be even worthy of people remembering there was once a kids game they played and that was called 'Tag'.

1. Incredibles 2

Weekend: $180.0M Total: $180.0M Weeks: 1

2. Ocean's Eight

Weekend: $19.6M Total: $79.2M Weeks: 2

3. Tag

Weekend: $14.6M Total: $14.6M Weeks: 1

4. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Weekend: $9.1M Total: $192.8M Weeks: 4

5. Deadpool 2

Weekend: $8.8M Total: $294.7M Weeks: 5 - review

6. Hereditary

Weekend: $7.0M Total: $27.2M Weeks: 2

7. Superfly

Weekend: $6.3M Total: $8.4M Weeks: 1

8. Avengers: Infinity War

Weekend: $5.3M Total: $664.2M Weeks: 8 - review

9. Adrift

Weekend: $2.1M Total: $26.8M Weeks: 3

10. Book Club

Weekend: $1.9M Total: $62.0M Weeks: 5

Please note: All numbers are in USD