Weekend U.S. Box Office March-April 30-1 2018

Supposedly 'RPO' is Spielberg's biggest box office opening in over a decade (link) which sounds positive or even as if this film is some kind of a success, but 50 million over the weekend in the U.S. from a close to 200 million dollar budget film isn't impressive, its passable. Spielberg sadly has passed his prime and hasn't found new things to say to audiences in the U.S., but also worldwide in order for him to make the money he used to.

Further down the box office ranking 'Tomb Raider' shows to be not capable of keeping up the pace having now 'RPO' pass its total box earnings and 'Black Panther' being now the number one Marvel film in total U.S. box office earnings.

1. Ready Player One

Weekend: $41.8M Total: $53.7M Weeks: 1

2. Acrimony

Weekend: $17.2M Total: $17.2M Weeks: 1

3. Black Panther

Weekend: $11.5M Total: $650.9M Weeks: 7

4. I Can Only Imagine

Weekend: $10.4M Total: $55.3M Weeks: 3

5. Pacific Rim: Uprising

Weekend: $9.4M Total: $45.8M Weeks: 2

6. Sherlock Gnomes

Weekend: $7.0M Total: $22.8M Weeks: 2

7. Tomb Raider

Weekend: $4.9M Total: $50.7M Weeks: 3

8. A Wrinkle in Time

Weekend: $4.8M Total: $83.4M Weeks: 4

9. Love, Simon

Weekend: $4.8M Total: $32.1M Weeks: 3

10. Paul, Apostle of Christ

Weekend: $3.5M Total: $11.5M Weeks: 2

Please note: All numbers are in USD