Weekend U.S. Box Office May 21-23, 2018

The beast that is 'Deadpool 2' did the damage that was expected which is make almost the same amount it did last time. Which if you put things into perspective like its budget and the fact that it was released in more theaters that its first film, shows that more people didn't go out of their way to see it (source). Let us not forget also this is a R rated film and its potential for a larger audience was limited. So the studio choosing to raise its budget by around 60 million just to make the same amount it did last time seems like a bad investment choice in hindsight. However, the worldwide box office might beg to differ.

1. Deadpool 2

Weekend: $125.0M Total: $125.0M Weeks: 1

2. Avengers: Infinity War

Weekend: $28.7M Total: $595.0M Weeks: 4 - review

3. Book Club

Weekend: $12.5M Total: $12.5M Weeks: 1

4. Life of the Party

Weekend: $7.7M Total: $31.0M Weeks: 2

5. Breaking In

Weekend: $6.5M Total: $28.8M Weeks: 2

6. Show Dogs

Weekend: $6.0M Total: $6.0M Weeks: 1

7. Overboard

Weekend: $4.7M Total: $37.0M Weeks: 3

8. A Quiet Place

Weekend: $4.0M Total: $176.2M Weeks: 7

9. Rampage

Weekend: $1.5M Total: $92.4M Weeks: 6

10. RBG

Weekend: $1.3M Total: $3.9M Weeks: 3

Please note: All numbers are in USD