Weekend U.S. Box Office November 9-11, 2018

Benedict Cumberbatch is the Grinch and for the film’s first week it almost made its budget back with its U.S. box office alone. In second place no surprise is the Queen biopic that is doing well and in third place is ‘Overload‘ with a small box office of 10 million, but a couple of weeks more will tell if this kooky horror film will have legs with its tiny budget of 38 million dollars.

Lastly, the other new film of the week the ‘Dragon Tattoo’ film bombed with only 8 million dollars over the weekend. As it was barely promoted, had significant competition against it and despite the great admiration people had for the previous films, there was no buzz behind this one.

Weekend U.S. Box Office of November 9-11 2018

1. The Grinch

Weekend: $66.0M Total: $66.0M   Weeks: 1

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

Weekend: $30.9M Total: $100.0M   Weeks: 2

3. Overlord

Weekend: $10.1M Total: $10.1M Weeks: 1

4. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Weekend: $9.6M Total: $35.3M Weeks: 2

5. The Girl in the Spider's Web

Weekend: $8.0M Total: $8.0M Weeks: 1

6. A Star Is Born

Weekend: $8.0M Total: $178.0M Weeks: 6

7. Nobody's Fool

Weekend: $6.5M Total: $24.3M Weeks: 2

8. Venom

Weekend: $4.9M Total: $206.2M Weeks: 6

9. Halloween

Weekend: $3.8M Total: $156.8M Weeks: 4

10. The Hate U Give

Weekend: $2.1M Total: $26.7M Weeks: 6

Please note: All numbers are in USD