Weekend U.S. Box Office October 20-22, 2017

It's been a while since disaster films about global warming could make a buck (Day After Tomorrow, 2012). Especially when back in the day it wasn't only about shoving a message down your throat, but also enjoying some dumb entertainment. 'Geostorm' is late to the game and at a time that half the country of the United States of America couldn't care less about its existence. At least Tyler Perry knows what he's doing.

1. Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

Weekend: $21.7M Total: $21.7M Weeks: 1

2. Geostorm

Weekend: $13.3M Total: $13.3M Weeks: 1

3. Happy Death Day

Weekend: $9.4M Total: $40.7M Weeks: 2

4. Blade Runner 2049

Weekend: $7.2M Total: $74.0M Weeks: 3

5. Only the Brave

Weekend: $6.0M Total: $6.0M Weeks: 1

6. The Foreigner

Weekend: $5.5M Total: $22.8M Weeks: 2

7. It

Weekend: $3.5M Total: $320.2M Weeks: 7

8. The Snowman

Weekend: $3.4M Total: $3.4M Weeks: 1

9. American Made

Weekend: $3.2M Total: $45.5M Weeks: 4

10. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Weekend: $3.0M Total: $94.6M Weeks: 5