Weekend U.S. Box Office October 5-7, 2018

No matter if the film ‘Venom‘ was good or bad, it had many people’s attention to garner 80 million alone in the U.S. Box Office. Which still goes to show what an ‘IP’ can do without real buzz behind it to back it up. 

In second place is Bradley Cooper’s first film ‘A Star is Born‘ that also made a decent return and real early if you remember Oscar season isn’t that far away. So its foreseeable that by the time Oscar season heats up and word of mouth spreads this film could climb to 200 million if lucky. In comparison, at last place is ‘Predator’ that finally managed to make 50 million total after 4 weeks. Talk about a flop.

Weekend U.S. Box Office of October 5-7, 2018

1. Venom 

Weekend: $80.0M Total: $80.0M Weeks: 1

2. A Star Is Born

Weekend: $41.3M Total: $42.6M Weeks: 1

3. Smallfoot

Weekend: $14.9M Total: $42.8M Weeks: 2

4. Night School

Weekend: $12.3M Total: $46.8M Weeks: 2

5. The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Weekend: $7.3M Total: $55.1M Weeks: 3

6. A Simple Favor

Weekend: $3.4M Total: $49.0M Weeks: 4

7. The Nun

Weekend: $2.6M Total: $113.4M Weeks: 5

8. Hell Fest

Weekend: $2.1M Total: $8.9M Weeks: 2

9. Crazy Rich Asians

Weekend: $2.1M Total: $169.1M Weeks: 8

10. The Predator - review

Weekend: $0.9M Total: $50.0M Weeks: 4

Please note: All numbers are in USD