Weekend U.S. Box Office September 7-9, 2018

Audiences like their horror and especially supernatural horror. ‘The Nun’ made a good 50 million the last weekend, despite school starting and already good horror films having been released this year. Not to mention its connection to the hit horror series 'the Conjuring', which maybe was one of the reasons so many people saw the film in the first place.

Weekend U.S. Box Office of September 7-9, 2018

1. The Nun

Weekend: $53.5M Total: $53.5M Weeks: 1

2. Crazy Rich Asians

Weekend: $13.6M Total: $136.2M Weeks: 4

3. Peppermint

Weekend: $13.3M Total: $13.3M Weeks: 1

4. The Meg

Weekend: $6.0M Total: $131.6M Weeks: 5

5. Searching

Weekend: $4.5M Total: $14.3M Weeks: 3

6. Mission: Impossible - Fallout - review

Weekend: $3.8M Total: $212.1M Weeks: 7

7. Christopher Robin

Weekend: $3.2M Total: $91.7M Weeks: 6

8. Operation Finale

Weekend: $3.0M Total: $14.1M Weeks: 2

9. Alpha

Weekend: $2.5M Total: $32.4M Weeks: 4

10. BlacKkKlansman

Weekend: $1.6M Total: $43.5M Weeks: 5

Please note: All numbers are in USD