Batman Beyond: The Animated Series (1999-2001) Review

channel: The WB

starring: Will Friedle, Kevin Conroy, Stockard Channing

producers: Paul Dini , Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Glen Murakami  

genre: Animation | Comics | Superhero

I have been a Batman fan all of my life. I still remember waking up early on weekends, to watch "Batman the Animated Series". It was such a dark show for me back then and it still is as I consider to be one of the greatest animated series ever created. As I grew up I remember seeing that there was a new Batman animated series coming out. It was called Batman Beyond, but back then in Europe they called it Batman of the Future.


It caught my attention to be honest so i gave it a go, i watched the first episode as it premiered and i was kind of sad and confused. It was set up years after the original animated series, where we see an old Bruce Wayne with a new bat-suit trying to hold up against a bunch of criminals. Unable to defend himself in the heat of the battle and while he gets cornered due to his heart problems he grabs a gun from a criminal. While he does not kill the last standing scum bag just by pointing the gun at him and threatening him he did something he should never had done. Then Batman returns to the Batcave where he discards his bat suit in a case along with the discarded suits of Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and the original Batman suit. He then turns off the power in the batcave and you can he hear him saying "Never Again". After that the story jumps 20 years later in Neo-Gotham. By then I was like whats going on? No Bruce Wayne as Batman no party... this show wont be good...


But how wrong was I... The show was absolutely fantastic! It grew in me and as I was getting older. My love for the show and batman grew in me more and more. Mostly because I got deeper into the story and I realized some things where a 11-12 year old kid (me) back then wouldn't really get .The story is great having a teenager in the bat-suit and under the guidance of Bruce Wayne (Oh yea baby Kevin Conroy is back) fighting new and old enemies. For its time the story and the plot was fresh and still is to today. But what really kept me was the connection that they made with the previous shows such as Batman the Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures.The connection was so remarkable, that didn't leave any  plot holes. The way they show what happened to everyone, where the old villains are and what do they do is something that i haven't seen in any other show to date.

When it comes to Producers and Writers of the show. Paul Dini is a freaking Genius! He is the man and the mind responsible for Batman TAS, The New Adventures of Batman, Justice League, Beyond and also behind the creation of a villain that has played a major role in DC universe and Batman comics for years. Want to guess who? Well its the naughty mental chick Harley Quinn.

For the animation now we get to Bruce Timm who worked as the animator and character designer in Batman TAS, The New Adventures of Batman JLA (he also designed Harley Quinn). So how can you go wrong with a show like that? You simply cant!

It is important to say that this show also built the ground for later episodes of the Justice League animated show which came out after the Batman Beyond and it also important to say that just like the original Batman TAS, Beyond its not really a show for kids. Its dark a lot of times gets a little bit too violent, but that's how any show with the name Batman should be. After all he is the Dark Knight "futuristic" or not.


It is a show that for any Batman fan old or new. May start out a little bit weird, but as it goes on it really gets your attention and you really can't get enough of it. I have heard some ludicrous excuses from people, that haven't watched the show or not planning to. Have a delusional way of thinking that if Batman has no cape or he is not Bruce Wayne the show cant be good. People have to understand that a great Batman show isn't only about the action, it is also about the story. If you want raw mindless action go and watch the Brave and the Bold which is for kids (not that i wouldn't watch it though as i am a Batman fanboy). While it is not important to watch the original BTAS or the TNA i would strongly suggest to do so, in order to have a more solid appreciation of the show and to enjoy it much more.

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review by G L

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